It’s not hard to find homes that have Samsung appliances. In fact, Samsung dishwashers are commonly owned by households across the world. The brand makes a variety of dishwashers to suit the different chore habits of different families. If you own a Samsung dishwasher and have been seeing error codes, this guide will help you analyse and fix the issue. If any of the codes are shown repeatedly, you should call a technician immediately. While many of the newer dishwashers have started showing symbols instead of codes, most dishwashers still function with codes. Here are the common Samsung dishwasher error codes along with their fixes:

Note: Make sure to check your user manual and call a technician in case the problem persists. For safety reasons, keep the dishwasher turned off while inspecting the parts and other hardware.

Error CodeProblemSolution
1EThis error is shown when the filter is cloggedThis error is shown when the filter is jammed with gunk. Turn off the power and carefully clean the fine filter at the bottom of the dishwasher. Ensure you check the user manual for instructions.
3CThe error suggests that the issue is in the pump operationTurn off the dishwasher and leave it off for 5-10 minutes. Restart the dishwasher and start the cycle again. If the error code comes up again, refer to the user manual or call a technician.
3EThis error is shown when the water supply is too hot.Turn off the water supply into the dishwasher and check if the water temperature is higher than 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Use water below this temperature.
4CThis error means that the water supply is abnormal.To fix this error, you must check the water pressure and temperature.
5C/SCThis code highlights an error in drainageEnsure that the drain hose is not kinked and the dishwasher and sink and connected properly.
7EThis error reflects in the waterwall reflector.This may be common with a new dishwasher. Ensure that no packaging material is stuck the waterwall reflector. You should also check that the reflector is installed correctly.
9EThis indicates that the water level is low in the dishwasherDrain the dishwasher and remove the dishes and run the dishwasher on a normal cycle with the detergent.
LC, LEThis error code appears during leakageCheck where the dishwasher is leaking from and fix the leakage by calling a technician.
Error Code: HEThis error suggests a problem with the heaterRemove all the dishes from the dishwasher and then run a normal cycle with detergent.
HC, 1EThis error says that the heating is highTurn off the dishwasher from the circuit breaker for 30-60 seconds and then restart a normal cycle.
tEYou will see this error when the temperature sensor is not working properlyRun the dishwasher without dishes on a normal cycle.
OC/OEYou will see this error when the dishwasher is overfullCheck the connection of the dishwasher at the sink and inspect the drain hose.