Takeout food is good for a day or two but nothing can match a home cooked meal. But when your stove isn’t working, there’s just no other option but to overspend on outside food. At Fix It Right Appliance Repair, we offer the most trusted stove repair services so you can enjoy home cooked meals within no time. We know how to repair gas burners, induction cooktops as well as coiled stoves. We have fixed a lot of stoves from a variety of brands and their new and old models. Our process involves understanding the mechanism of each type of stove, diagnosing the problem thoroughly and offering repair solutions that leave you tension-free.

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Common Stove Problems

Just like any other appliance in your house, your stove also may have many problems. Maintaining your stoves and cleaning them properly from time to time does help in ensuring they work without trouble for a long time. Making sure your stove is clean and food waste does not get accumulated on it is one way to maintain your stove. Knowing the common stove problems will help you safe your appliance from further damage and call our technicians at the right time for the right repair. Here are some common issues that you may face with your stove:

Stove Is Not Heating

If your stove is not heating, you might require electric stove repair which starts with diagnosing the wiring and might call for a replacement of the heating element. This may also be caused due to voltage issues from your main power unit.

Stove Common Problems Repair

Stoves to Turn Off on Their Own

It is common for electrical stoves to turn off on their own. For this, you must check the control panel or the regulator. Oftentimes, the wiring of the control panel may be problematic or the regulator may not be fitted correctly.

Unable to Change the Temperature of Your Stove

If you are unable to change the temperature of your stove even after pressing the + button or turning on the regulator, the wiring between the control panel and the stove top needs to be diagnosed. Sometimes, there may be food particles stuck to the stove that may interrupt the heating.

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Stove Is Overheating

If your stove is overheating, do not delay. Call us immediately and we will send one of our best stove technicians within no time.

Gas Stove Is Not Burning

If your gas stove is not burning, ensure that you do not do any DIY repair as it can go wrong and can be very dangerous. Firstly, ensure that the main gas supply is turned off, open the doors and windows and call our technicians to look into the issue.

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