No matter if you are an amateur chef or master of the kitchen, it’s important to have a cooktop that is functioning properly.

Fix It Right is Toronto’s top choice for cooktop and repair and installation services. With same-day service, our team of expert cooktop technicians can be at your home ready to work in no time. We are committed to providing exceptional service that exceeds your expectations.

Cooktop Repair Company Toronto

We can quickly pinpoint the cause of your cooktop service issues and provide a reasonable and detailed estimate on any repairs or replacement work.

We provide professional and complete service on all makes and models including:

  • Glass cooktop repair
  • Ceramic cooktop repair
  • Induction cooktop repair
  • Electric cooktop repair

Before we begin any work on your cooktop, we do a full inspection of your unit to identify any issues or concerns. We then provide a detailed service and repair outline so you are always fully informed of any work being done.

Cooktop Repair Services by Fix it Right Appliances

Electric Cooktop Not Turning On

A cooktop like any electrical appliance requires power to work. We will inspect your power source to ensure it is working properly. We will then inspect the cooktop to see what else might be causing your cooktop to not work properly such as issues with internal components.

Electric Coil Not Heating

Electric cooktops have coil burners. If there is a loose connection or debris, it may not heat up efficiently. It is important to have a professional service technician take your cooktop apart safely. Repairs such as ignition switch can be dangerous and should only be done by a licensed professional.

Cooktop Repair Toronto and GTA

Can Not Adjust Burner Settings

Different meals require different heat settings. If your cooktop is not adjusting properly, it is time to call Fit It Right Appliance Repair. We can quickly identify if it is a faulty switch or ignition problem then make the necessary repairs to get you back to cooking your favourite meal.

Cooktop Sparks when On

If you are experiencing sparks when you turn on your cooktop, call Fix It Right Appliance Repair immediately. This is a potentially dangerous situation that can result in electrocution or fire.

Cooktop Repair Near Me Toronto

Lights Not Turning On

It’s important for all indicator lights and switch lights to be working properly to prevent burning your food or yourself. The most common cause is a burnt-out bulb which can be quickly and expertly repaired by one of our service technicians. Never try to disassemble your cooktop by yourself as it may result in shock.

Coils Are Burnt Out

Like all appliances, a cooktop requires regular maintenance and repairs to keep it working properly. Fix It Right can repair your burn coils quickly and professionally. If your unit is older than 10 years, it may be time for a new cooktop that is more energy-efficient and safe to work on. Our team of professionals can provide you with guidance on picking the right new cooktop for your kitchen.

Cooktop Repair Technicians

Professional and Fast Service

Fix It Right Appliance Repair has 13 locations across Toronto and the GTA, to provide you with fast, same-day service. We offer the most competitive rates in the industry, with an affordable and guaranteed $70 service call fee. We also offer detailed estimates on our repair work so you never have to worry about a surprise when you get the bill.

Contact us today for your cooktop repair service or installation. We offer fast, friendly service you can count on and we guarantee all our work.