A well-functioning dryer makes laundry day more bearable. But if your dryer stopped working and you are waiting for a sunny day to air dry your clothes, stop waiting on the weather and reach out to professionals! Fix It Right Appliance Repair offers the most professional dryer repair service to a community. We are here with the right tools and the right technicians to ensure that your dryer works within no time. We are known for our experienced team and friendly demeanour, making us the right team to handle any repair job. Dryers can sometimes stop working abruptly especially if they are used often or, on the contrary, are used after a long gap. Our team will perform detailed dryer troubleshooting, fix the problem within one day, and even give you recommendations on improving your dryer efficiency.

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Common Dryer Problems

There are numerous reasons why a dryer can stop working. Before rushing to any unsettling conclusions, try to unplug and reconnect the dryer. If this does not work, there is a problem that needs to be repaired. Fix It Right Appliance Repair will be happy to fix malfunctioning dryers of any make and model.

Dryer Is Not Heating Up

One of the most common issues is when the dryer is not heating up. This means that the clothes inside will still be wet and if left within an unheated dryer for a long time, your clothes may start to smell.

Dryer Overheating

Sometimes it is possible for the surface of the appliance to overheat. In fact, dryer overheating is a common problem with old dryers. In case this happens, you should avoid using the appliance and call us immediately to check and repair the problem.

Dryer Won’t Start - Dryer Repair Toronto

Dryer Taking Too Long to Dry the Clothes

If your dryer is not working and taking too long to dry the clothes, the problem may be in the wiring or the heating element of your dryer. Do not attempt to fix the dryer yourself unless you are a trained professional. The experts at Fix It Right Appliance Repair will handle it for you.

Dryer Won’t Start a Cycle

If your dryer won’t start a cycle, it needs immediate repair. While this is a quick diagnosis and repair of the appliance, it should be done only by a trained personnel.

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Dryer Have Hardware Issues

It is also common for the dryer to have hardware issues like the lint trap to be stuck or damaged or for the door of the dryer not latching on properly. We fix all these issues professionally.

Dryer Error Codes

If your dryer shows error codes repeatedly, call us and we will fix it for you.

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Dryer Repair Services

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