If weeks of dirty laundry has been piling up just because your washer is giving you troubles, you don’t have to put up with that anymore. We at Fix It Right Appliance Repair are here with the right tools and technicians to provide you the best washer repair in your locality. Our team consists of licensed and insured technicians who know how to repair a variety of washers from a variety of brands. Whether you have a front load machine or a top load machine, we can fix it and get it running quickly. While we know all the common problems and quick fixes for washers, we still make sure we do a proper diagnosis for your washer and give it a repair service that fits its case.

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Common Washer Problems

Yes, we can fix almost any problem that your washer may face. But it is also important for you to identify washer problems and get them fixed as and when you see them. Usually, unplugging and resetting the washer works wonders and gets your machine going within no time. But there are some common problems, especially with older appliances that require quick and efficient repair. At Fix It Right Appliances, we offer the right repair service for both common and uncommon issues. Following are some problems that you may encounter with your washer.

Washing Machine Is Not Draining

If your washing machine is not draining, don’t worry it is a common problem. It is often a problem with a drain plug that requires replacement of the damaged part.

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Washer Not Filling Up

Washer not filling up is also as common as the problem of water drainage. While this could be a problem with the main water supply, you might also need to get the drum elements checked and repaired if the problem persists even after fixing the main water supply.

Washer Overflowing

Overflowing is one of the most common washer problems in older appliances and the issue is usually with the inlet valve assembly. In most cases, you need to replace these parts so your washer functions perfectly.

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Washer Is Making Noises

If your machine is wobbly or is making too much noise, it may be possible that one of the parts is rusted or not fixed properly. The wiring of your washer is complex and you should trust only a professional for that task.

Washer Is Showing Error Codes

If your washer is showing error codes again and again, even after resetting the appliance, you need some professional appliance repair service to diagnose the problem and treat it effectively. Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

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Why Us

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