Some days are just obvious bake days and if your oven gives up, you need a repair company that acts fast on its feet. Fix It Right Appliance Repair is the right choice to make. Our technicians understand the major interruptions caused by broken ovens and offer the best oven repair to get them running smoothly and quickly. We have repaired a variety of old and new ovens and know about all the tiny details and variations that go into repairing ovens from different brands. We are the trusted repair company for oven repair in Toronto and can professionally handle simple fixes along with major repairs for your oven as well as other appliances.

Common Oven Problems

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Looking out for the early signs of oven damage saves you a lot of time, effort and money involved in buying a new oven. There are some common oven problems that you can check and treat before it gets worse. All big and small problems should be diagnosed and repaired by a technician as it could be dangerous for an untrained person to attempt to fix an oven. Fix It Right Appliance Repair is here to help you with all these issues. Here are some problems that you may face, especially if your oven is older:

Oven Is Overheating

If your oven is overheating, the problem is in the thermostat or the oven fan. This may cause your food to burn or for excessive smoke to come out of your oven. In most cases, the thermostat or the fan needs to be replaced.

Oven Not Heating

Oven not heating is also a common problem that requires a replacement of the heating element. In cases like these, usually the temperature sensor is replaced and the wiring is tightened.

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Oven Light Is Not Working

Just like all electrical oven repairs, you must also consider professional repair if the light inside your oven is not working. Oftentimes, it is more than just a light tube replacement.

Oven Door Is Not Closing

You should call our oven technician if your oven door is not closing. It is common for oven doors to not close properly. If ignored, it can not only lead to a lot of energy loss but can also cause smoke and the nuance of shutting off the smoke alarm everytime you want to bake something in the oven.

Range Cooktop Not Work Simultaneously with Oven

It is also common for the oven to heat up when you use the range cooktop or for both of them to not work simultaneously. In a case like this, call the technician immediately before the problem lands you into buying a new range and oven altogether.

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