Commercial refrigerators, and the goods inside of them, are not cheap. It’s important that you depend on a professional service team for repairs and maintenance to ensure that the job is completed correctly and that your business can run without issue. For over 20-years, Fix It Right Appliance Repair has been providing industry-leading commercial refrigeration repair and installation services that business owners across the Greater Toronto Area have come to depend on.

Commercial Refrigeration

Whether you’re running a restaurant, hospital, hotel, school, or other, you understand how critical it is to keep your commercial refrigerator in working order. Issues not immediately addressed will often result in costly delays, both in time and money, and jeopardize your ability to run the business successfully.

Our team services a wide range of systems, including industrial maintenance, restaurant appliance repair, and commercial fridge repair and installation.

Commercial Refrigerator Repair Toronto

Commercial refrigerators, freezers, and compressors are complicated systems, and a wide variety of issues can occur at any moment in time. Our team specializes in the maintenance and repair of the following issues:

commercial fridge repair and installation Toronto

Refrigerator Leaks

If your commercial refrigerator is leaking, it’s likely that a clogged drain hose or defrost drain is the culprit. To fix this, a replacement of various gaskets will be required.

Fluid in The Fresh Food Compartment

If you’re noticing an excessive amount of fluid in your fresh food compartment, it’s likely that your refrigerator seals have begun to break down. Start by first examining the quality of the seals, and then call an expert to have them replaced.

Excessive Frost in The Freezer

If you notice excess frost in the freezer compartment, it’s likely that your defrost system is on the fritz or your evaporator fan motor has stopped working. Either way, you’ll need to replace a few parts in order to restore proper functionality.

Commercial freezer repair and installation Toronto

Inadequate Cooling

If your refrigerator is failing to cool effectively or to maintain cool temperatures over time, it’s likely that your thermostat, door gasket, or drains are in need of attention. An assessment will be needed prior to any work, as this fix can often be somewhat complicated.

Complete Lack of Power

If your commercial refrigerator stops working completely, it’s likely that your thermostat is in need of replacement. This is a job easily handled by our professional team.

Irregular Refrigerator Noises

If your refrigerator is making large, irregular noises, it’s likely that the compressor motor or fan is wearing out. This replacement job can be performed quickly by our team, ensuring that you don’t experience any downtime.

Why Us

To ensure that the work being performed will provide you with issue-free refrigeration, it’s important that you rely on the support of an experienced team. Whether you’re in need of a walk-in fridge, compressor, or commercial freezer repair, Fix It Right Appliance Repair has you covered.

With years of experience in the commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance industry, our team is well equipped to handle any issues that arise. All our technicians are fully licensed and certified. We offer a guaranteed 70$ service call fee and detailed estimates on our repair work so you never have to worry about a surprise when you get the bill. With same-day service, competitive pricing, and industry-leading customer service quality, you can feel confident in the work being completed.

To learn more about our team, services, or to request a quote, contact us today!