You count on your fridge to keep you cool and safe to eat. That’s why when your fridge is not working it’s important to call a refrigerator technician right away. But how do you know if you need a fridge repair? In this article, we will look at how to solve refrigerator problems quickly.

The fridge is constantly running

Your fridge is designed to run periodically through the day to ensure food stays cold and fresh. However, this can also be one of the top refrigerator problems homeowners encounter. If your fridge is running constantly you quickly will see a spike in your energy bill.

Check the back of your fridge for dust and debris around the condenser coils. This build-up can cause your fridge to run longer than it needs to, decreasing efficiency. This can be fixed quickly by unplugging your fridge and using a cloth to wipe down the coils.

The fridge isn’t getting cold

The number one job of a fridge is to keep food cold. So when you reach into your fridge and feel warm air, it’s time to inspect your unit.

If you have already cleaned the condenser coils then inspect the motor to make sure it is operating efficiently.

If it is not working or is making noise then it is time to call in a refrigerator repair service.

Leaking water

There is nothing more frustrating than discovering a pool of water at the base of your fridge. The most common reason for this is a blockage in the defrost drain or clogged supply lines.

Unplug your fridge and allow the supply lines to warm. This will let any ice or debris drain from the fridge letting water flow properly again. Flush the lines with clean water to remove any excess debris. Check the hoses for any cracks or breaks to prevent further clogs.

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Ice is building up

In the past ice build-up was a common problem with older units. Modern fridges are designed to prevent this from happening.

So if you begin to notice ice build-up in your freezer, then it is time to check humidity levels.

If there is too much condensation or moisture build-up in your fridge, thick layers of ice will begin to form which can block water flow.

The most common reason for ice build-up is a broken freezer seal. This seal controls temperature and humidity. A refrigerator technician can fix this issue, replacing the seal and restoring fridge service.

The fridge is too noisy

The sound of your fridge should never intrude on your day-to-day life. So if you can hear your fridge making noise there is likely a problem.

Over time components like your condenser fan and motor can wear out causing them to make noise as they work to keep your fridge running.

This will require a fridge repair by a skilled technician who will identify the source of the issue and make any necessary replacements or repairs.

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If your fridge is making noise or not keeping your food cold enough then it is time to contact the pros at Fix It Right Appliances. Our team of experts comes prepared to begin work so you don’t have to worry about being without a fridge any longer than necessary. We believe in exceeding our customer’s expectations and offer fast, friendly, and affordable fridge repair solutions.

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