Your oven is one of the most durable appliances in your home, but it’s still important to take the proper care to ensure it remains in excellent working order. Your oven has many features like self cleaning to help stay on top of housework easily. But it is always important to do some manual cleaning and regular inspections to prevent malfunctions or costly repairs. Let’s look at some of the ways you may be damaging your oven, and how to ensure it continues to work the way it should.

Use Abrasive Cleaners

Regularly cleaning your oven is important. Make sure to only use cleaners recommended by the manufacturer. Avoid using cleaners with harsh chemicals that can scratch the surface of the oven.

Overload It When You Cook

Overloading your oven can prevent food from being cooked thoroughly. Always check the owner’s manual which offers a guide on the ideal placement of food to ensure it is cooked at the right temperature and to the right degree. This will ensure that every meal tastes great.

Put Foil on the Bottom

Never put foil at the bottom of the oven. Instead use a drip tray to catch any grease or pie filling leaks. Foil at the bottom of the oven can hinder airflow and cause your oven to malfunction.

Only Use Self-Cleaning Feature

The self cleaning feature is handy to keep your oven’s interior clean, but it’s still necessary to do a manual cleaning from time to time. This specific feature helps your oven tackle the more difficult messes and prevent it from having to work too hard.

Ignore Range Hood

Your range hood helps keep the air flowing in your kitchen when working on a new dish. It can also suck out odours and smoke if cooking goes awry. That’s why it’s important to keep your range hood clean and well maintained. This will prevent any dangerous hazards like a fire from breaking out due to built-up grease on the hood.

Use It as a Heat Source

Your oven is designed for cooking only. It should never be used as a heat source. Gas leaks and the risk of burning yourself or your children when the door is open are significant risks when trying to use an oven to heat your home. The door should always be closed whenever your oven is on.

Ignore Moisture on Oven Door

Moisture is a sign that hot air is escaping and should be addressed right away. This means that your oven is not heating to the right temperature. This can ultimately affect the safety and quality of the food you cook.

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