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Situated in the heart of Newmarket, Ontario, The Funnery Play Park and Cafe is a unique destination that has been captivating families with its array of indoor and outdoor activities. This venue is renowned for its commitment to providing an environment that nurtures both physical activity and imaginative play. It offers a diverse selection of attractions that cater to varying age groups.

From the exhilarating outdoor adventure playground to the creative indoor play zones, The Funnery ensures a fulfilling recreational experience for all family members. What sets The Funnery apart is not just its comprehensive offering of entertainment features, but its dedication to fostering a sense of community and connection amongst its visitors.

This article seeks to provide an overview of the distinctive features that make The Funnery a compelling destination for family fun. However, be prepared to discover that there’s more to this venue than meets the eye.

Exploring Outdoor Activities at The Funnery

At The Funnery, an array of outdoor activities awaits, offering visitors a unique blend of entertainment, physical challenge, and connection with nature. The park boasts an extensive repertoire of open-air experiences, specifically designed to foster a spirit of community and camaraderie among its guests.

With a high ropes course, a challenging rock-climbing wall, as well as an exciting zipline adventure, The Funnery caters to all levels of physical prowess and adventure-seeking enthusiasm. For those with a quieter disposition, the tranquil butterfly garden offers an opportunity to connect with the natural world in a deeply personal way.

Regardless of preference, The Funnery ensures an engaging, inclusive environment that promotes both personal growth and collective enjoyment. It’s more than just a venue – it’s a shared experience.

Indoor Excitement at The Funnery

While the outdoor offerings at The Funnery provide a thrilling exploration of physical challenges and natural beauty, the indoor attractions hold their own charm, offering an equally exciting, yet different, array of experiences.

Inside, visitors can engage in high-energy activities like laser tag, climb on an indoor playground, or test their skills at mini-golf. The arcade, filled with both classic and modern games, is a haven for gaming enthusiasts of all ages.

Notably, The Funnery’s indoor space caters to both children and adults, creating a sense of belonging for each visitor in Newmarket. The venue features a dedicated toddler area, a party room for special occasions, and a relaxing lounge for parents.

It’s an inclusive, dynamic space where fun is guaranteed, regardless of weather conditions.

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