The cooktop is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any kitchen since it provides the powerful heat source needed to prepare a wide range of delectable foods.  Cooktops, like every piece of technology, can encounter complications that will result in needing repair and maintenance. Here are five frequent issues that your cooktop may encounter, as well as their most effective fixes.

Electric Cooktop Won’t Turn On

The most obvious reason why a stove burner not working is that it isn’t plugged into the socket. Check that your glass top electric stove burner not working is correctly plugged in and that the socket is not damaged before moving on to other reasons. If your outlet is working but your cooktop isn’t, the problem is most probably with the appliance’s internal parts. This problem can be caused by even small failures, making it a problem best addressed by a skilled electric stove repair specialist.

Electric Coils Won’t Heat

A loose link between the coils and the cooktop is a typical source of this problem. An electric cooktop’s coils must be removed for a thorough cleaning, and if they are not correctly reinstalled, the cooktop will lose power. Make sure your coils are correctly placed and that nothing is trapped between the coil element and the stove.

You might potentially have a problem with the cooktop’s internal ignition system, which controls how hot the burners are heated. It’s best to get help from a repair specialist because this might be a difficult problem to tackle on your own.

Gas Stove Burner Not Lighting

Make a note of what occurs when you attempt to light the burner for the first time. You must hear a clicking noise and smell gas flowing out of the valve in normal circumstances. If you hear a click but don’t smell anything, it’s most likely a gas flow issue. The problem might be with the ignition system if you smell gas but just don’t hear any clicking

After turning the device off and disconnecting it, remove the grate and burner cap. Remove any loose food particles and reconnect any wires that have been disconnected. If it doesn’t work, you’ll probably need a new igniter or some gas connection work.

Gas Burner Heating Slowly

Switch off and unplug your cooktop, then remove the grate and burner caps and wash them in hot water and soap in the sink. Using a hard brush, clean the surfaces. Clean off the stovetop with a damp towel, then cleanse the gas valves to eliminate any debris, dust or food particles.

Gas Stove Top Keeps Clicking

When you turn on your gas stovetop, some clicking is typical, but if it persists long after the burner is ignited, or even stops the burner from lighting, it may be a real pain. This problem happens when anything is blocking the burner.Check to see if the burner cap has been knocked off or if there is any debris obstructing the opening.

With all these tips provided, you will be able to get your stove back to its original state immediately. If your electric stove burner not working and requires extensive repairs, contact us as your experienced appliance technicians to safely repair the stove burners and ensure you receive the best repair service.

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