Whether you’re noticing that your dishes aren’t drying properly, left over food residue, spots on your glassware, or maybe your dishwasher stopped working – the following guide will walk you through common dishwasher problems and how to deal with them.

Dishes not drying

Your dishwasher is intended to use a liquid rinse aid, as this significantly improves drying. A rinse aid will also help to prevent water droplets from forming on your dishes, which in turn will cut down on spots and streaks. It is also recommended to use a liquid rinse aid on top of any rinse aid that is built into your detergent.

Dishwasher Not Draining

If you’re noticing that your appliance isn’t draining, the likely issue is that a recently installed garbage disposal still has it’s drain plug in it. It is common for the disposal’s knockout plug to be kept in place as this is what connects the drain hose to the unit. Contact a licensed plumber to properly remove the knockout plug.

Dishwasher Leaves Spots or a Film on Glassware

If your dishwasher is leaving spots or a film on your glassware, you’re likely experiencing a combination of hard water conditions and a lack of a rinse aid. The white film develops when there is a high level of minerals in the water – likely calcium and magnesium. People who live in places with hard water typically struggle with this dilemma.

Dishwasher Running Too Long

If you’re noticing a longer than usual amount of time to complete the wash cycle, this is likely a combination of lower water temperatures and the machine’s new, efficient design.

Lengthy cycles can occur because:

– You’re not running the hot water in your sink prior to starting the dishwasher cycle. Doing this helps to clear any cold water from the pipes.

– You’ve selected a cleaning cycle that takes more time. Some cycles can run longer than others, especially when sanitizing and extra dry heat options are included.

– The household water temperature in your water heater is not set to 49C. If it is below the mark, contact a qualified individual to properly raise the unit’s thermostat setting.

Crumbs of food left on dishes

If you’re finding an influx of food and crumbs on your dishes after you run the machine, you’ll likely have to clean the filter. Not every model of dishwasher has a removable filter, so check your operating manual. If your filter is indeed clogged or excessively dirty, it could affect the overall cleaning ability.

Clean your filter when:

– Soiled food is evident on the upper filter assembly

– Food particles or soil is present on your dishes

– Your dishes feel gritty when you touch them

– Check the cleaning chart recommendations in the operating manual and service when stated, but be careful when dealing with the filter because sharp objects like broken glass can collect there

If the above how to fix dishwasher guide didn’t solve the dishwasher problems you’re experiencing, call the professionals at Fix It Right Appliance Repair to get the job done right!

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