You count on your washer to keep your clothes clean so you always look your best. So when your washing machine breaks down, you need a solution fast. Let’s review some of the most common washing machine problems and how you can fix them.

Washer is Vibrating

This is one of the most common reasons that your washer isn’t working the way it should. If your washing machine is vibrating, the load may be unbalanced or the washing machine is not levelled. 

If your washer feet are not touching the ground or you are noticing your machine is starting to lean, adjust the feet by turning them to the desired height. Make sure the floor is levelled, and if there is still a gap, try using a shim or small piece of plywood to balance it.

Washer is Leaking

A leaking washer can cause a lot of damage to your home, so you want to ensure this problem is fixed fast. Leaks can be caused by blockages in the drain line. Start by inspecting the machine to make sure it is balanced.

Next, make sure that all hoses are fixed properly and that there are no holes or damage. Check the water lines for leaks including the draining hose.

Noisy Washer

If you want to fix a noisy washing machine, begin by pinpointing the source of the noise. It could be the result of a clog in the drain pipe which can be easily removed by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you are still hearing a noise, your load may be too large and is forcing the drum to move around erratically. Inspect the pump too which may be jammed hindering the performance of your machine.

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Washer Won’t Run

You have loaded up the washer, added the soap, and hit start only to find your washer won’t run. Take a moment to make sure the unit is plugged in – a simple mistake everyone makes at some point.

Next, review the water supply. If there are hoses detached or damaged, then your machine may not function properly. Finally, check the inside switch on the inside of your machine to make sure it is engaged, signaling that the washer is ready to run.


Washer Won’t Drain

Have you opened your washer door only to find a pool of soapy water at the bottom? This is one of the most common washer repair requests. Before you call a technician, make sure there is no debris blocking the drain pipe such as loose change or other items that may have fallen out of a pocket. Do not overload your machine.

This can block the drainage pipe and leave standing water in your machine. Another important tip – is always to make sure the detergent you’re using is suitable for your washer. It’s important that it matches your washing settings and is designed for your machine so that the detergent dissolves properly.

Detergent Doesn’t Dispense

If you are noticing you have a dispenser full of washing liquid after your load is done, it is likely time to give it a good cleaning. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions on the best and most efficient way to clean your unit.

Remember to do regular machine cleaning throughout the year using distilled vinegar. Pour it into the dispenser and run it on the regular cycle. The vinegar will quickly remove any clogs.

Bad Odour from Washer

Are your clothes not coming out as fresh as they should? Take a moment to make sure you are using the correct amount of detergent. Overfilling your detergent dispenser can leave behind a bad residue.

Clean your machine on a monthly basis to keep it fresh. Make sure to inspect for mold or other debris which can prevent your clothes from getting their cleanest.

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