Is your gas oven not heating up? Placing a service call and waiting for a technician to come fix the problem may disrupt your day, and yet there are some quick solutions you can try on your own to get your oven working again.

Check the circuit breaker

Sometimes a fault with the electrical circuits supplying power can cause the circuit breaker to trip. Gas ovens use gas as their source of power, however, they still need electrical power to run some of the other components. So if there’s a problem with the circuit breaker, your oven won’t heat up. Check the breaker to make sure it wasn’t tripped.

Check the gas supply

It is uncommon for there to be an interruption of your natural gas supply, but this can happen if the main gas valve has been turned off to conduct repairs. If the valve was not reopened, you will not receive gas supply. Inspect the main gas valve to ensure that it is on. If the valve is on and there are no issues with the gas supply, the gas igniter could be the reason behind your oven not working.

Check the igniter

The reason why your oven will not heat up could be because the oven igniter is faulty. Normally, the igniter turns on after the oven control has been turned to bake. When the igniter becomes hot, it triggers the gas valve to open and allow gas to flow through the burner, which heats the oven. If the igniter does not get hot enough, the oven will not light.

To determine whether the igniter is working properly:

1.     Switch off the circuit burner to the oven and make sure that the power is off. If it is, the oven lights, clock and other electrical components of your oven will not work.

2.     Take out the oven racks and the metal plate located at the bottom of the oven to expose the igniter and gas burner.

3.     Look carefully to see if there is any discoloration on the elemental coil as this is often an indication that something is wrong with the igniter.

4.     If there are no obvious signs that something could be wrong with the igniter, turn the power back on and switch on the oven to see if the igniter is kicking in at the beginning. There should be a bright orange glow that appears within the first few seconds. If this does not happen, the gas is not igniting the igniter. Turn off the oven and replace the igniter.

Replacing the igniter

Knowing how the igniter works will help you in the process of replacing it. You’ll need to do the following:

1. Make sure that you order the right type of igniter for your oven. You will need your oven’s model number and serial number to order the right igniter. Check the back of the oven for this information. It is also sometimes displayed inside the door or drawer or behind the control panel on the oven.

2. Turn off the power before attempting to replace the igniter and try not to touch the igniter coil. This is because it is fragile and getting oil from your hand onto the coil can reduce the lifespan of the igniter.

3. Remove the old gas igniter and replace it. Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer on how to install a new igniter and follow them precisely.Don’t let a gas oven not heating up ruin your flow. Simply try one of the solutions we’ve listed.  However, if these fail, our professional technicians at Fix It Right Appliance Repair are trained to address complex gas oven problems and will be happy to repair your gas oven.

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